Dead Bodies in NATO Uniforms and American Weapons Found in Rubble of Donetsk Airport

Thank you for your splendid work in breaking western media silence on the war crimes committed by the Kiev junta and its US/EU/Nato backers. Well done!

Voices from Russia

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On Thursday, Eduard Basurin, DNR Deputy Defence Minister, said, “Whilst examining buildings at the Donetsk Airport, we found a great number of American firearms, assault rifles, and grenade launchers, equipment, and communications devices. We also found publications in European languages, including on religious matters. Apart from that, we found dead bodies in NATO uniforms under the debris in the new terminal. Personal belongings indicated that these people were foreign citizens contracted by private military companies who operated under the cover of Ukrainian subversive groups”.

22 January 2015



Langley was caught… again. PMCs are a usual dodge for Langley in its search for the ultimate deniable “sterile op”. The Anglos truly believe that they have the best military and special services in the world because they’ve bought all kinds of expensive toys for them. That isn’t necessarily so… look at what happened here. The airport was a…

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